UltimateDefrag 2008 v2.0.0.48, Chống phân mảnh ổ đĩa

Tháng Năm 15, 2008 at 9:27 chiều (Phần mềm)

UltimateDefrag is the world’s most powerful defragger in terms of the file placement flexibility it gives you for defragging and strategically placing files on your hard drive – right down to the individual file level. With The Defragger And File Placement Optimizer That Lets You Defrag & Optimize Your Hard Drive – Any Way You Want To!

UltimateDefrag is the Ultimate Defragger and File Placement Optimizer. Defragging hard drives helps to restore your hard drive performance. File placement optimizing on the other hand, boosts your theoretical hard drive file access performance by up to 300% of manufacturers quoted averages (typical performance increase you’ll experience is between 25 and 100%) by placing the files you want performance from onto the faster performing (outer tracks) areas of your hard drive. With UltimateDefrag – you can specify which individual files, programs or games you want the best performance from. The “Archive” function places all of your unused files out of the way and onto the slower performing areas of your hard drive.

If you run complex games, simulations and applications, UltimateDefrag gives you the capability to place the files associated with these applications in the position on your hard drive that will give you the best performance possible.
Now watch your programs launch faster! Your games perform like they never have! Experience a Windows Desktop and Operating System with the same sprightly performance as when your PC was brand new!

UltimateDefrag Features:
• Achieve Optimum Performance Hard Drive File Access That Gives You A Much More Responsive PC
• Strategic File Placement Gives You Complete Control Over Which Files And Programs You Want Increased Performance From
• Place Unused Data (such as ZIP Files and unused Windows files) Out Of The Way
• Place Directories In The Optimum Position For Superior Performance
• Defrag with as little as 1% FREE space
• Enjoy fast 3 to 5 minute complete defrags
• Choose From 4 Powerful Defrag Methods With Over 33 Defrag Option Combinations
• Make Full Drives Perform Almost Like They’ve Been Newly Formatted
• You No Longer Need To Consider Partitioning – UltimateDefrag Is Like Partitioning-On-The-Fly!
• The First Complete “DISK” Metaphor In Any Defragger
• Say Goodbye To “Hard Drive Fatigue” Forever!
• Based Upon True Scientific And Natural Laws
• More Than Just A Defragger – It’s Also a File Placement Optimizer
• Defragging Defrags Your Files – UltimateDefrag Defrags Your File System
• Nothing “Black Box” about this – you have total control over which files go where
• Flexible Scheduling lets you defrag while you’re away from your computer
• All This In An Incredibly Powerful Program That’s Less Than 1 Mb In Size!

Homepage – http://disktrix.com

Size: 3.92 mb

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?muxpdcyn311


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  1. UltimateDefrag 2008 v2.0.0.48, Chống phân mảnh ổ đĩa « Quoctrung1587’s Weblog said,

    […] UltimateDefrag 2008 v2.0.0.48, Chống phân mảnh ổ đĩa […]

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